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JA Sakuasama Farm Stand

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Farm stand of local foods and ingredients from Komoro

ApplesIn season from mid-October to early February
'More than 10 varietiesincluding those from Komoro (Mitsuoka and Matsui) and Tateshinagorinkubo'

StrawberriesIn season from late December to around April.
Strawberries are available from Nunobiki Strawberry Garden next door.
(House strawberries are shipped all year round)
Strawberry Picking
'From January to Juneyou can enjoy strawberry picking at Nunobiki Strawberry Garden.'
Click here for the Nunobiki Strawberry Garden website.

From KomoroIn season from mid-July to August

Hakudo potatoFrom MimakiharaIn season in July and August / Shipment from July to November

Locally grown vegetables

Chinese cabbagesIn season from mid-June to late OctoberShipment from late May to early November
CabbagesIn season from mid-June to late OctoberShipment from late May to early November
LettucesIn season from June to OctoberShipment from May to early November
BroccolisIn season in July and AugustShipment from June to early November
Green asparagusIn season from late May to MayShipment from early May to mid-July
Sweet cornIn season from late July to early AugustShipment from early July to late August
Other fresh vegetables are also available through JA’s network.

Best seller, Strawberry daifuku

Strawberry Daifuku is carefully made one by one by members of JA Sakuasama Women’s Association “Mother’s Taste”, which is working to spread the taste of handmade products through the production and sale of processed products using local seasonal ingredients.

Fresh strawberries from the Nunobiki Strawberry Garden are used to give it a seasonal and gentle taste. The “Akihime” strawberries, which have juicy flesh and low acidity, are wrapped in white bean jam, and the whole thing is wrapped in a dough made of Japanese glutinous rice flour. The smooth white bean jam and the refreshing sourness of the strawberries are exquisite and popular for their pleasant and elegant taste. They often sell out in the evening, so please make a reservation if you wish to purchase one.

Apple pies and other baked sweets, sekihan rice balls, gomoku okowa (glutinous rice steamed with various vegetables), and oyaki (Japanese dumpling) are also available.

Sales period: January to May

Sake of Komoro

We carry a wide range of local sake, including Otsuka Shuzo’s “Asamadake”, a historic sake brewery that has been around since the Edo period.




Rates & Hours



Farmer Stand



1145-1 Oaza Okubo, Komoro City, Nagano,Zip-code384-0071

Business Hours

Normally 10:00AM to 9:00PM
 (Last call at 8:30PM)

Adults 10 bathing tickets4500yen1 Free ticket (500 yen) included
Adults 20 bathing tickets8500yen3 Free ticket (1500 yen) included
Children 10 bathing ticket2700yen1 Free ticket (300 yen) included
Children 20 bathing ticket5100yen3 Free ticket (900 yen) included
Adult (Ages 12 and over)500yen
Children (Ages 6 to 11)300yen
Adult-Handicapped (Ages 12 and over)400yen
Children-Handicapped (Ages 6 to 11)200yen
Adult-Helper(Only One Adult Person)400yen
Contact Us

We do not have any staff who can speak foreign languages. Please be aware that we cannot respond to inquiries by phone. If you have any question, please contact us using the inquiry form. Also, please be noted that it may take some time for us to reply.

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